How To Stop Browser Tracking? - Easy Ways to Fix Google Chrome Browser Issues

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How To Stop Browser Tracking?

Chrome Browser Issues

Chrome Browser Issues

When you visit the websites, they track your activity on their platform by leaving cookies in your browser to make your next visit better and convenient. But, it can also be used to understand your preferences and browsing habits which are used by advertisers to show relevant online ads to you. You must have observed that when you visit popular websites for media consumption, they begin to show more and more relevant content based on your preferences. Similarly, it is very common to see advertisements based on your likes on social media, online shopping websites and search engines.

How Cookies Work?

They store information about the websites that you visited, the browsing pattern on websites such as what you select or click and store them on your browser. Take for example; when you visit a media website like a news or entertainment website, they store the cookies on your browser. Then, next time when you visit they will be able to showcase the best content on their website based on your preferences with the help of cookies. As a result, you will be willing to visit their site more often due to the increase in the overall experience and thereby increase traffic to the site.

Should You Be Worried?

Cookies are generally not harmful like malware because they do not expose any of your private information. But, if you are someone who is concerned about websites collecting information about your browsing habits, you can limit their activity in the web browser. But, some cookies cause chrome browser issues and it is better to remove them.

How To Stop Browser Tracking?

Chrome Plugins Not Working

Chrome Plugins Not Working

This can be achieved by disabling cookie tracking in the browser or on the website; besides, now websites show a notification when you visit the site asking for your permission. But, disabling it will also reduce certain site features. Also, if you want to totally avoid tracking you must enable “do not track setting” on your browser. Sometimes, because of the cookies users complain about chrome plugins not working. However, if you want to be not tracked at all then it is better to browse in private or incognito mode on browsers. But, this does not necessarily protect you from all kinds of browser tracking.

Even if you stop cookie tracking on the browser, websites can track you when you create an account on their website. Besides, you are also granting them permission to track and save information about your activity as well. Therefore, when you grant permissions for cookies or share information you are giving access to your unique browsing habits.

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