3 Troubleshoots to Fix Google Chrome’s “Aw, Snap!” Error on Windows

Those of you surfing the web on Google Chrome might have encountered the “Aw, Snap!” error message, which signifies a webpage crash on the browser. The error pops up when Google Chrome fails to load a particular webpage or tab. “Aw, Snap!” won’t give you the precise reason as to what may have gone wrong with Chrome, but the error points to malicious plug-ins installed in the browser. If it keeps popping on the Chrome browser installed on your Windows PC, follow the below troubleshoots steps to fix it.

Keep the Aw, Snap! Tab open, and Remove Browser Extensions

First, try and reload the tab to see if that resolves the page crash. If not, check to see if a browser extension is causing the issue on Chrome. For that, click on the triple dot menu to the top right corner, select More Tools, and click on Extensions. Remove an adware or something else installed as browser extension on Google Chrome. After that, try and reload the tab containing the error to see if that gets rid of the error.

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

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Remove Browser Extensions

Click on the three dot menu, and navigate to More tools > Clear browsing data. In the subsequent window that pops up, choose the approximate Time Range under the Basic heading.. After that, select Advanced and deselect all options except Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Then, click Clear data highlighted in blue color, and try and reload the tab showing the error.

Create a New Profile

For this, first close Google Chrome, then launch Windows Explorer by simultaneously pressing the Windows and keys on the keyboard, or by searching for the same on Start button’s search box. Copy and paste %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ in place of Libraries atop the subsequent window, and press Enter to navigate the location. Then, search and find the Default folder in the User Data of Chrome, by pressing the Ctrl key and key simultaneously. If you find the folder, Rename it to Backup Default. After that, reopen Google Chrome and try and reload the same webpage once again to see if that troubleshoots “Aw, Snap!”. Who knows, Chrome may just load successfully. If not, contact tech support to fix what is one of the simplest of Chrome browser issues for advanced troubleshooting steps for Windows PC. This problem may occur on Android, iPad or iPhone too, but the above steps are only for Windows.

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