3 Ways to Manage Extensions in Google Chrome

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Turn Off Unused Extensions

Extensions are one notable feature in web browsers that helps you to get more out of your browsing experience. Google Chrome comes with a huge collection of extensions that you can select from its web store. These extensions can help you to fully customize your Chrome browser and even extend its capabilities. You can rely on extensions for virtually all sorts of purposes related to web browsing from ad blocking to integrating all your social media platforms.

Simply put, these web extensions improve your browsing experience and give you a more personalized appeal to your Chrome browser. Having many extensions is fine, but you should make sure to manage them properly. In fact, this is very important because several extensions integrated into the browser can actually clutter and even negatively affect the performance of Google Chrome. Hence, managing the extensions is of top priority if you wish to optimize the browser. Below are three ways to manage the extensions in your Chrome browser.

Turn Off Unused Extensions

While browsing, you may never require all the extensions to run in the background. Running all the extensions while you browse can actually take a toll on the performance of your browser. Chrome has the option to turn off the extensions so that you do not need to uninstall them. For this, open the menu in Chrome by clicking on the three dots. Then click on the Tools option and then choose Extensions. This will display all the extensions with a checkbox near titled as Enabled, which you can tick for turning off the extension.

Organize the Extensions

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Syncing With Google Account

Installing many extensions in your Chrome browser can cause the toolbar to become cluttered. This will make it difficult to select different extensions and use during specific browsing sessions. Organizing these extensions can help you to make the browser less cluttered giving you a simplified browsing experience. You can drag and move the extensions around the toolbar and reposition it for giving you a clutter free browsing experience.

Synching with Google Account

Google Chrome has the option to synchronize with your account for allowing you to access them across all your devices. This can help in managing your extensions so that you can conveniently access them across your devices. For this, click on the option Person 1 located at the top right and login to your Google account. After login, Google automatically synchronizes all your extensions that effectively manage them so that you can enjoy access to them from anywhere.

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