A Brief Overview About Browser Hijacker Chrome Virus

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Of the many chrome browser issues, Google chrome virus is a malware that gives pop-ups, fake warnings and causes automatic redirecting to risky pages automatically installing dangerous programs compromising your computer. Just like any other malicious programs there are different versions of it that can cause various types of infiltrations and information breaches. This includes stealing personal information, banking details and other types of sensitive information. Here we will discuss the browser hijacker variant of Google chrome virus and mention other types of this malware.

What Is Browser Hijacker Chrome Virus?

It is a type of malware that redirects the browser to questionable websites that can compromise your sensitive information. It is similar to Internet Explorer redirect virus, Bing redirect, Firefox redirect virus and Yahoo redirect virus; this particular one targets Google Chrome browsers specifically. It shows symptoms other than redirecting to shady websites, increases the number of ad’s, chrome keeps crashing, increased pop-ups and appearance of shady browser extensions. As mentioned earlier it is a browser hijacker and cannot cause direct damage to the PC.

One of its biggest problems is that it increases the chances of coming across unwanted malicious programs and getting infected. This causes serious changes in the features of chrome browser like slight change in the search engine logo, chrome update notifications pop-up when you visit certain websites, redirection to websites with adult content etc.

The Threats Due To Chrome Virus

This malware is so flexible that a casual user may not spot it and the delay in its removal causes collection of information from infected PCs. Besides, it causes the installation of more unwanted and risky extensions or apps that accompany it. This is mainly used to make money by promoting contents in suspicious websites through pop ups or redirects by pay per clicks. Besides, it also tracks your browsing habits through cookies, beacons etc. that can be sold for money or payments as they are up for grabs.

Different Types Of Chrome Virus

Chrome Browser Issues

Chrome Browser Issues

Google Chrome Critical Error: This appears as a warning notification message very much similar to authentic Google Chrome warning about visiting a dangerous site. Here it usually says that a Trojan has infected the system and provides fake tech support details to fix the issue. The message usually looks unprofessional to a trained or experienced user, but an inexperienced user panics and might contact in the details provided.

Critical Chrome Update Virus: This is in the form of updates, fake alerts or notifications for program installations and continues redirects to commercial content. Here it causes the download of rouge and malicious software with you unaware of it that infects and causes drop in system performance.

So, if you notice any chrome browser issues with the aforementioned symptoms there is a very high chance that your system is infected with a Chrome virus.

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