Common Browser Issues and Their Fixes

Browser Issues

Common Browser Issues

Adware, malware, and many other programs can change the settings of your web browser and can take you to new homepages, search engines, and some obnoxious toolbars. While you are installing a new software or program to your computer, you might easily forget to uncheck the options to install these files. However, reverting the changes that has happened to your browser is not so difficult either. Yet often times, you will need to make the changes manually, as uninstalling the program will not restore the default search engine or home page. Some of the common browser issues by malware programs and their fixes are explained below.

Default Search Engine

If a malware program changes the search engine of your web browser, you will be able to change to your default search engine easily. If you were using Internet Explorer as your default browser, you can open it and click on the gear button, choose Manage Add-Ons, and then select Search Providers. From the list, you can choose your preferred search provider and check the box to set it as default search engine.

Browser Changes

Edit Search Engines

If Mozilla Firefox is your default browser, you can click on the search engine icon located in the search box placed at the top right corner of the browser, and choose your preferred search engine from the list. If Google Chrome is your browser, you can right click in the location bar and choose Edit Search Engines. From the list, you can select your preferred search engine.

Home Page

Annoying programs, malwares and installers can change the homepage of your webs browser easily. The homepage that is set by the malware can be filled with advertisements, making it difficult for you to browse. For most of us, the default homepage for the web browser will be a search engine. If your default homepage is a search engine, you may follow the steps that are explained above to change it back to your preferred one. If your home page is not a web browser, you can follow the below steps.

For Internet Explorer browser, you can click on the gear button, select Internet Options, and click on the General tab. You may now change the web address in the Home Page box. If you are using Google Chrome as the browser, select the menu button of the browser, and choose Settings. Check the Show Home Button option that is located under Appearance. Firefox users can click on Menu, choose Options, and change the address on Homepage box located under the General tab.

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