How To Fix Resolving Host Issues In Google Chrome

Chrome Browser Issues

Chrome Browser Issues

When you open a site, the URL you entered on the address bar of Google Chrome should be resolved to its IP address for loading the page. This resolution will take place through the Domain Name System (DNS). The technical reason behind this issue is that the DNS servers, which are set by up your internet service provider (ISP) for finding a mapping to the specific URL you entered to your browser, takes too long to find a mapping address. This is one of the common Chrome browser issues you might often face. Hence, we are listing some of the possible solutions to fix this problem.

One of the straight forward ways to solve this issue is to directly open the IP address of the site. But this method is not always practical. In most cases you will not be aware of the IP address of a site. Also, sometimes a site can have multiple IP addresses or there can be more than one site in the same IP address in the shared web hosting scenario. Hence, other methods for solving this problem is necessary. The following are some of such measures that you can take for fixing this issue.

Switch To Public DNS

One of the easiest ways to fix this issue is by changing your DNS servers in the network settings. You can switch to a public DNS server that is available to you. After this, all your activities on the internet will be then routed through these systems for the purpose of resolving domains. When you switch to another server, it is necessary to close your chrome and reopen it. After this, you will see your site opening without a resolving host message.

Clear DNS Cache Of Your Chrome Browser

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Your browser will use DNS caching to quickly load the sites that are frequently used. In this case, when you load a site, the IP address will be mapped from your cache. Hence, if there is any change in the original IP address from that is stored on the cache, the browser will have a lag in loading the page. Therefore, clearing your caches can help you to load your site without mapping through the caches.

Clear The Cache Of Your Local Computer

In addition to Google Chrome, your computer might also utilize the caching for enabling quick loading of the domains that you access repeatedly. So you can try this step also if your Chrome keeps crashing. Clean the local cache of the Windows thereby enabling quick loading of your site.

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