What To Do When Google Chrome Keeps Freezing?

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser due to its simple user interface and responsiveness. But, just like any other browsers, Google Chrome keeps freezing, crashes, or stops responding. There can be multiple reasons for it and you can fix them by methodical troubleshooting steps. The purpose of this article is to guide you through a couple of those steps so that you can fix some common issues.

Shared below are some of the chrome browser issues and their fixes, read ahead to better understand.

Ensure There Are No Internet Problems

The first thing that you must check when there is any kind of chrome browser issue is to check if the internet connection is down or not. For this, open settings form the Start menu and open Network & Internet, in it ensures that the network status is “You’re connected to the internet”. If the status is otherwise, then you must troubleshoot the internet connection. If the step detailed above didn’t resolve the current chrome browser issues, then check the internet connection on a different browser. If it connects, then it is not an internet issue, but the problem is with the Chrome browser.

Chrome Wasn’t Closed Properly

You should know that when you close the tabs, it might not stop the processes, over time it accumulates using up the RAM and Google chrome keeps freezing or won’t respond. If you do not fix it, the browser won’t open at all or crashes frequently. To check whether this is the reason, right-click the taskbar and in the menu choose Task Manager. In the window, under the Processes tab look for Chrome processes and their memory usage. If they are running as anticipated, then right-click on the topmost Google Chrome process and select End Task. This will close all running processes, clear the RAM and relaunch Chrome browser to see if it is working properly without any hiccup.

Browser Extensions

Chrome Browser Issues

Chrome Browser Issues

Another reason for Google chrome keeps freezing due to bad, malicious, or suspicious browser extensions. Knowing which extension is causing the problem can be a difficult task, so the easy method is to disable them all; to execute it do the following steps.

  • Open Google Chrome browser and in the URL field, type in “chrome://extensions/” and hit Enter.
  • In the Extensions page that opens next, disable all active extensions. Once they are disabled, close the Chrome browser.
  • Relaunch it, again in the URL field type in “chrome://extensions/” and hit Enter.
  • Enable the extensions one at a time and check, when you find the one that is causing browser freezing, uninstall that extension.

Relaunch the browser and it will be running smoothly without any issue.

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