A Guide To Use HP Toner Cartridges

How often do you come across HP printers? They have been manufacturing printers for around 30 years and are pioneers in the field. Along with printers, they also manufacture printer cartridges. Even though they are one of the best in the field, complaints regarding the quality of print and other issues are heard. If you are facing something similar, troubleshooting printer problems will bring to the problem. If the quality is poor even after resolving the issue, it might have something to do with the cartridge.

Using the wrong cartridge can result in prints of poor quality and less efficient printing. To avoid such mistakes, you should be aware of which ink will suit your needs and your printer. Let’s look at the different HP toner cartridges and how to use them.

Which Are The Different Toner Cartridges?

HP monochrome toner cartridges– These are the best choice if you will be only printing text. Since these cartridges print only in two colors, black and white, they are cheap.

HP color toner cartridges- These are available in four colors- black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. They are expensive but do not give pictures of gallery grade quality.

Some printers come with cartridges when you buy them. However, do not be surprised when these finish fast as they contain very little toner powder. These cartridges are meant just for initial use.

How To Install A HP Toner Cartridge?

The installation of HP toner cartridges is different in every printer. However, the basic installation process remains the same. Every HP cartridge usually will contain a protective clip or a sealing tape that has to be removed before installation. Given below is a method to carry out the installation process.

  • Firstly, remove the orange protective clip which is critical during its transit. It secures the contents of the cartridge inside. You can discard it with other plastic waste as it can be recycled.
  • Move the cartridge back and forth above a dustbin to redistribute the toner powder.
  • You should remove the sealing tape with utmost care so that it does not rip. Tug at the part of the tape that sticks out and pull gently to remove the whole tape.
  • Open the area of the printer where the cartridge should be inserted and carefully install it.

Why Are You Getting Streaky Or Spotty Prints?

Different HP Toner Cartridges

Different HP Toner Cartridges

The quality of the print can be severely affected by dust accumulation in the cartridge. The toner powder and dust may mix causing the problem. You should move the cartridge back and forth to brush off the dust particles.

If the problem persists run a cleaning page. You will find the steps to follow in the manual. You should also check the drum and cartridge for any type of scratches or fingerprints.

Know your printer more to make the most use of its facilities and get amazing print outs.

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