How to Clear Waiting for Cache Error on a Chrome Tab

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Waiting for Cache Error

If you come across an error message titled “Waiting for Cache” on Google Chrome, you will have to clear the browser cache. Browser cache temporarily stores a recently downloaded web page or multiple pages that are already stored. Just as you toggle to a different web page from an existing tab, caching the web pages in memory lets you toggle back to a downloaded tab to read its content.

When one surfs a website on Chrome browser, and its fails to load up fully, you might see the “Waiting for Cache” error below the screen. If the same webpage loads up in a different browser other than Chrome, it might be a cache corruption issue of the browser. An easy way to clear that in Chrome is to clear cache and then reboot the browser.

Steps to Clear Browser Cache in Chrome

Click the Chrome menu icon denoted by three vertical or horizontal lines to the upper-right corner. Click on More Tools in the next drop-down list and then click Clear Browsing Data on Google Chrome. Select Empty the Cache only and leave the rest of the options unchecked in the Clear Browsing Data dialog box, unless you want to Clear Browsing History, Clear Download History, Delete Cookies, and Clear Saved Passwords.

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You can also click on the drop-down arrow next to Clear Data from this Period and choose any of the options from among Last day, Last Week, Last 4 Weeks, and Everything. If you cannot recollect the last time you surfed the web on Chrome and are looking for troubleshooting steps for browser issues long after the “Waiting for Cache” error, select Everything regardless of the browsing time.

Once you have selected the options according to the last date you browsed on Chrome, click Clear Browsing Data option next to Cancel in the main dialog box that appeared at the start. After that, restart Chrome by closing all tabs in the browser, go to the same web page where you encountered the cache error, and see to it if has gone for the good.

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and reliable browsers available to users, but issues such as corrupt cache tend to make browsing experience somewhat troublesome. Get in touch with a browser support team if you need any further assistance with Google Chrome issues.

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