How to Customize Chrome Settings to Avoid Closing of Active Tabs

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Closing Of Active Tabs

Since Chrome will not send prompts when one accidentally closes any of the active tabs in Google Chrome, those surfing the web may need some workarounds to fix it. Below are top three methods in which users can customize Chrome settings to make the browser send a prompt just prior to closing all tabs.

Note that the Chrome tabs will not resume the next time you open the browser after closing one active tab, unlike having the option to Restore the Chrome tabs when the PC shuts down following a power failure or a sudden system reboot.

Pin an Active Tab in Chrome

For that, right-click on an open website in Chrome and then click on Pin Tab option from the context menu that pops up on screen. Note that the tab or website, which you are surfing, may be the first one or even the tab in the middle and that you may close it by chance.

However, if you pin a tab on the far right, the active Chrome tab shrinks and rearranges to the far left. Even if you close a tab accidentally, the tab will show up the next you open Chrome browser. Yet again, this is a workaround only that provides an option to access a particular closed tab in Google Chrome.

Add Chrome Toolbox to Chrome

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Add Chrome Toolbox

Search for Chrome Toolbox on Google, and once it shows up on organic search results, open the link on Chrome Webstore, and click Add to Chrome. This now installs Chrome Toolbox in the browser as an extension. After that, navigate the cursor to the gear icon or three-dot menu to the upper right in Chrome.

When you place the mouse on the menu, you can see Customize and Control Google Chrome highlighted, so click on that and choose Settings from the context menu that pops up. Then, click on the Extensions tab, find Chrome Toolbox by Google and click on the Options link below the add-on’s description.

After that, select the checkbox next to Confirm before Closing Multiple Tabs under the Tabs heading in order to update the settings of Chrome browser by default. This will make sure that in case one close an active tab with several other tabs open in Chrome, the browser will send a prompt asking if you want to close it or not.

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