How to Enable Google Chrome Sync and Secure the Data

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When you turn on Google Chrome’s sync feature, you will see the same information on devices in which you have signed in to the browser with your Google Account. It syncs bookmarks, passwords, history and open browser windows or tabs, autofill and credit cards information, settings and preferences.

When its sync feature is turned on, all your user profile info is saved to the Google Account, with which you have logged in. If you do not need to sync everything, then you can disable it and select what information you want the browser to sync. Follow the below steps to disable the sync feature.

  • Open the signed in Google Chrome on your personal computer.
  • Click on the three-dot icon at the upper right side, and select Settings.
  • Click on the Sync
  • Click the Sync everything toggle switch to make it disabled.

Google Chrome Sync

Change the Gmail Account Where you Want it to Save Information

When you change the sync Gmail, the above-mentioned or synced information in it will be copied to the new Google Account. Once you turn off the sync feature, follow the below steps to change your Chrome sync account.

  • Open Google Chrome, select the three-dot icon, and click on Settings.
  • Click on the Turn on This opens a new web page where you can sign in to your Google Account with its username and password. Log in to the Gmail you want it to sync to.
  • Once you have signed in to the Google Account or the browser, it will prompt you to confirm the same. So, click on the Turn on button upon prompt.

Keep your Synced Information Private with a Passphrase

With an optional sync passphrase, you can make Google’s cloud store as well as sync your browser’s data sans letting Google read the information. This means your synced Chrome data is protected by encryption when it is in transit.

When you have the sync passphrase:

  • You will need it whenever you log in somewhere new.
  • You will have to enter it on devices where you have already logged in.
  • Your feed will not show suggestions based upon website you have surfed in the Chrome browser.
  • You cannot view saved passwords in Google Account or make use of Smart Lock for Passwords.
  • All your browsing history will not sync on all of your devices. Only website address that you enter in the address bar of the browser will sync.

Steps to Create the Passphrase

  • Firstly, turn on Chrome sync.
  • Click on the browser’s three-dot button, and select Settings.
  • Click on Sync.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and select the radio button Encrypt synced data with your own sync passphrase.
  • Type a Passphrase and Confirm passphrase in the respective fields, and click on the Save button highlighted in blue color.

Chrome Sync Passphrase

Steps to Reset the Passphrase

First, you have to remove the sync passphrase. For that, go to the Settings page, click on the Reset Sync link highlighted in blue color, click on the RESET SYNC button again, and click on OK for confirmation. You have to again turn on sync as mentioned above. Then, create a new passphrase using the earlier step to reset it.

See your Chrome Information on All of your Devices

Once you have turned on Chrome sync, you can see the info saved on your other devices.

  • Save and Manage Bookmarks
    • Open Google Chrome on your PC.
    • Press ShiftCtrl, and O keys at the same time.
    • On the left side of the new page, you will see folders with bookmarks.
  • See Open Tabs on Other Devices
  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Press Ctrl and keys simultaneously.
  • Click on the Main menu icon denoted by three horizontal lines, and select Tabs from other devices.
  • See Saved Passwords
  • Open the browser, and go to Google Account’s Saved passwords For that, sign in to your Gmail, click on the icon with nine small squares on the upper right corner, select Account. Then, click on the Signing in to Google link. Click on the MANAGE PASSWORDS link in the next page. You have to sign in to your Gmail once more, and the Passwords section opens.
  • Below Saved passwords, you will see a list of websites and with the password hidden. To view the password of each site, click on the eye icon to the right.

Google Saved Passwords

By syncing your saved passwords to Google Chrome, you will also see them available once you log in to a compatible smartphone application.

If you want to know about anything related to the browser, or are looking for ways to troubleshoot any issues related to sync, then get in touch with our browser support professionals through the toll-free number.

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