How to Fix an Unresponsive Firefox Browser

Firefox Not Responding

Update Graphics Card Drivers

If you browse the internet a lot, nothing can probably rile you up the way an unresponsive web browser does. Firefox, one of the most popular web browsers in the world, has a bad habit of becoming unresponsive for a variety of reasons. If you are look for ways to troubleshoot Firefox not responding issues, following are the steps to take.

Do a Restart

Restart the browser. The reason for the browser hanging is that something has stopped its processes. When you restart, everything goes out and starts back up again. If this does not work, then try restarting your PC. After this, launch the browser to see if it is working normally. If not, more on to the next method.

Update the Graphics Card Drivers

If you have outdated graphics card drivers, it can cause Firefox to freeze. You need to make sure that your computer has the latest drivers installed. Follow the steps below to fix the same in Windows 10.

  • Hit the Search icon next to the Windows start button.
  • In the field that comes up, type Device Manager and hit Enter.
  • After the Device Manager windows comes up, expand the option labeled as Display adapters.
  • For each entry that is shown, right click it and select Update driver software.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Unresponsive Firefox

Disable Hardware Acceleration

For certain graphic cards, hardware acceleration can sometimes cause the browser to enter a freeze loop.

  • Hit the Menu icon on the top right, and from what is shown, choose Options.
  • Head to the General panel and look for the entry labeled Performance.
  • Uncheck the box next to Use recommended performance settings. You should also uncheck the box next to Use hardware acceleration when available.
  • Close the browser and re-launch it.

Reinitiate Firefox Files

Some of the Firefox files may be corrupted, and if so, you will need to repair them. Go to the official Firefox web page and download a installer file for the browser.

  • Close the browser.
  • In File Explorer, go to the folder where Firefox is installed, and rename it. Any new name will do.
  • After that, run the newly downloaded installer file to install the browser once more.
  • Fire up the browser and see if this worked.

These are some of the ways to troubleshoot an unresponsive Firefox program on your computer. There are other ways that you can try as well, but some of them may require the help of an experience computer support specialist.

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