How to Fix Google Chrome Does Not Install on Windows Error

Chrome Plugins Not WorkingChrome Plugins Not Working

Common Browser Settings

The impressive speed and flawless performance of Google Chrome enabled the browser to win the trust of millions of computer users all over the globe. The efforts made by Google to make their in-house browser a lot better than others have also helped Google Chrome to load web pages instantly.

Even though Google Chrome is an exceptionally safe and quick internet browser, it is also prone to issues and errors. Several users who use Google Chrome on a regular basis complain that they are experiencing Chrome plugins not working error and other chrome browser issues. One of the most common and frustrating Chrome browser issues that affect millions of users is undoubtedly the Google Chrome does not install on Windows error.

If you have no clear idea on how to fix Chrome plugins not working error or Google Chrome does not install on Windows error, it is best to seek the help of expert browser support technicians who have dealt with such issues. However, if you are planning to fix the issue on your own, then below are a few simple tips that might help you to resolve the issue.

Ensure That the Necessary Services are Up and Running

  • Go to the Start menu and then select Control Panel. Scroll through the list of items in the Control Panel until you see the System and Security Click on it and then move to the next step.

Control Panel

  • Under the System and Security option, you will be able to find an Administrative Tools Select the option and then click on Services.

System And Security

Administrative Tools

  • You will now need to open Background Intelligent Transfer Service and select Automatic in the Startup Type. Apart from that, you should also ensure that the Service status is Running on your PC.


Background Intelligent Transfer Service

In most cases, ensuring that the necessary services are running on your PC and performing these few troubleshooting steps has helped users to fix Google Chrome does not install on Windows error. So, try to install Google Chrome on your computer and see if the error is fixed. If not resolved, it is best to seek assistance from a reliable browser support company who have experience in resolving Chrome plugins not working error and other chrome browser issues.

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