How to Fix Google Chrome Page Unresponsive Problems

Chrome Browser Issues

Page Unresponsive Problems

Google Chrome is a widely used and preferred web browser. Be it assignments, projects, or images, millions of people for it in Google Chrome. Therefore, it can be said that Google Chrome is an excellent platform for everything. However, the one thing we definitely find very frustrating about Google Chrome is when the pages become unresponsive. There is no message like “Kill the Pages” or “Wait” that could make us really annoyed.

The page unresponsive problem can be due to reasons such as slow internet connection, excessive ads and java scripts, too many unnecessarily installed programs, overclocking of RAM, plug-in crash, etc. Let us see what you could do to solve the ‘page unresponsive’ issue in Google Chrome.

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is generally referred to as Private Mode in some browsers. If you use this mode, it will disable any malicious plug-ins, extensions, and ad-ons. It also does not save any cookies, cache, or auto-filled forms in the browser history. Hence, this could avoid unnecessary data from being stored in the memory, thereby providing a better searching speed and access without having any page crash.

Delete Incompatible Extensions, Ad-Ons, and Plugins

Update My Browser

Common Browser Issues

As mentioned earlier, faulty plugins, ad-ons, and extensions can be a cause for page unresponsive problem. If you face certain issues after you install one of them, it would be good to remove them instantly. It can be uninstalled from Control Panel Programs. You could also try ending processes in the Task Manager window, which opens when you press Shift + Esc.

Reset Browser Settings

The browser settings, by default, are in a very compatible mode. If there are any mistakes in these browser settings, it could become the root cause for page unresponsive error. Not only does resetting resets the new tab page, home page, pinned tabs, and search , it also clears temporary data like cookies and disables all extensions. However, saved passwords, history, and bookmarks will not be cleared.

Reinstall or Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome gets frequently upgraded so it is necessary to follow up with the new version. Updated version usually is debugged and mostly solves the common problems users would have experienced in the previous versions. So this is a necessary step you should do to enjoy better browsing with good speed. Reinstalling the browser could also solve issues to an extent.

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