How to Fix the “Connection Not Private” Error on Google Chrome

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Connection Not Private Error

Google Chrome sometimes shows you the ‘Your Connection Is Not Private’ error message followed by a prompt. The error occurs when Chrome fails to establish a private connection to Google, which mostly occurs if you are using Chrome on PC featuring Windows 7 or 10. Many users experience the connectivity issue on Chrome, but you can easily fix the issue following the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Change the Date and Time Settings on Computer

The prompt will tell you to do this first and then refresh the web page on Google Chrome afterwards. If you are using Windows 7 PC on Administrator mode, you can reset the computer’s date and time easily. Just click on the date and time shown on the bottom right corner of the desktop screen, and select the Change date and time settings… option. In the subsequent window, click on the respective option near the clock icon and set the right one according to your present time zone.

Clear the Browsing Data on Google Chrome

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Change Date And Time Settings

The connectivity error may occur when Chrome stores excess browsing data. Open the browser, click on the three vertical dots on the top right, and choose Settings. Then, press down Ctrl and F key simultaneously, search and find Advanced or Show Advanced Settings, and click on either option. Look for Clear Browsing Data and click on the option. A dialog box will pop up on Chrome browser afterwards – click on Clear Data in that. Reboot Chrome browser and see to it if you still face the error.

Disable Browser Extension on Chrome

When Google Chrome is open, press down keys CtrlShift, and N keys to launch the browser on Incognito mode. If you can open a web page now, then maybe a browser extension on Chrome is what causing the ‘Your connection is not private’ error. To remove unwanted plug-ins from Chrome, open Settings menu as mentioned above. Select Extensions to the left side of the browser when the menu opens up. On latest version of Chrome, you can directly open Extensions from More Tools without having to open Settings. In case you see an extension, which interferes with the SSL connection, disable that from Chrome.

Note that if an antivirus software is installed as a plug-in on Chrome, you might need to disable that in order to fix the error. Use this method as a last resort though, since it will make the browser less secure.

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