How to Fix YouTube not Playing Issues in Chrome

Chrome Browser Issues

YouTube Not Playing Issues

A frequently occurring issue in Google Chrome browser is the inability to play videos on YouTube. It can either prevent the video from playback or stop loading the page altogether. Such issues are caused due to several reasons, one being too much memory consumption. This can make it difficult to stream and watch videos on YouTube properly.

There are several methods to resolve such common chrome browser issues. Described below are some of the effective methods to fix YouTube not working issues in Google Chrome browser.

Force Close Chrome with Task Manager

Force closing chrome using the Task Manager can resolve many of the issues related to video playback. For this, first open the Task Manager by jointly pressing Control + Alt + Delete keys or through the Control Panel. In the Task Manager, click on the Applications tab to view the list of operating tasks. Select Chrome from the list and then click on the End Task option to terminate the application. Then launch Chrome again and check whether it is properly streaming YouTube videos.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Google Chrome Running Out Of Memory

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes, the video playback may not function normally due to the inability of the browser to handle the streaming data. In such cases, you can disable the hardware acceleration option in Chrome by clicking the three vertical dots and opening the Settings page. Here, go to the Show Advanced Settings section, and under the System tab, toggle the switch or uncheck the Use Hardware Acceleration When Available option. Then re-launch Chrome to see whether the issue is fixed.

Clear Browsing Data

Another effective way to fix this issue is by clearing the browsing data accumulated by the browser. For this click on the three vertical dots and open More Tools.  Now click on Clear Browsing Data, and tick the relevant boxes near to the items listed such as the browsing history, cookies, site and plugin data, and cached images and files, etc. In time range, select All Time or the Beginning of Time, and then click on the Clear Browsing Data option to clear the history.

Note that sometimes, video playback issues can also be caused by the presence of any faulty extensions in the browser. Disable all the extensions used in Chrome by going to More Tools > Extensions and then disable all the listed extensions by unchecking the boxes near to them. Again, start chrome and go to YouTube to see whether it is playing videos normally.

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