How to Fix YouTube Videos Loading but Not Playing

HTML5 Browser Support

Fix YouTube Videos Loading

Watching videos on YouTube is something lots of people do to stave off boredom. Being able to do this is one of the many perks of having a moderately fast internet connection. If you miss the NBA finals for some reason, YouTube steps up and lets you watch the highlights.

One issue viewers sometimes face when trying to watch YouTube videos is that they load but do not play. This can be very frustrating to say the least.


Fixing the Problem

  • Refresh the browser page. This can be down by hitting the twisted arrow icon next to the URL bar.
  • Change the video quality to something lower. Go for 240p or 360p and see if this does the trick.
  • Check your internet. Turn it off and on. Check the speed you are getting for stuff other than YouTube.
  • Clear your browser data. For that, open the browser and choose More. Go to More tools, and then choose Clear browsing data. Check the box beside Cookies and other site and plug-in data, and the one beside Cached images and files. From the menu at the top, choose how far back you want to delete from. Hit Clear browsing data.

HTML5 Browser Support

  • Reset the browser settings. Go to Settings, and choose Show advanced settings. Choose Reset settings in the Reset settings A box will come up. Choose Reset.

Reset Google Chrome

  • Disable plugins. Type chrome://plugins in the URL bar and hit Enter. This will show all the installed plugins. Hit Disable next to each of them.
  • Disable extensions. Type chrome://extensions in the URL bar and hit Enter. This will show all the installed extensions. Hit Disable next to each of them.

Browser Settings

  • Restart the PC. Download and install an updated version of the browser. Also, enable JavaScript in your browser.
  • Download the latest update to Adobe Flash Player, if there is one available. Proceed through the installation by following the on-screen prompts.
  • See if Google Chrome Canary has the same issue. Download this version of the browser and install it. Go to the YouTube video you were trying to play earlier and see if it’s still stuck after loading.
  • Disable HTML5 browser support. For this, download and use the Disable YouTube HTML5 Player Make sure that this extension is enabled after you install it.
  • Restart the browser after shutting down all running audio programs.

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