How to Free up Chrome’s Memory Usage

How to Free up Chrome’s Memory Usage

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Chrome’s Memory Usage

While using the Google Chrome browser, you may find that your computer system is getting slow and there is a slight decrease in the browsing speeds. Chrome uses more memory than any other browsers, and that takes a toll on your computer especially if it has lesser resources like RAM and processing power. This accounts for one of the major Chrome browser issues reported by users worldwide.

There are several ways to resolve this issue though, such as by altering some of the key settings in the browser. This will help in making your Chrome browser work faster and keep the RAM usage to minimum even if your computer has a low processing power. Below is how to free up Chrome’s memory usage.

Using Chrome Task Manager

Chrome has its own Task Manager that lets you find out the overall memory usage. It can help you view the sites open in the browser that uses the highest amount of memory. For opening the Task Manager, press the Shift + Escape keyboard shortcut. This will display all the processes carrying out by the browser including the open sites.

The memory consumed by each of the processes is displayed at the side. Select the sites that consume the highest amount of memory and then click on the End Process button. This will terminate the site and free up the memory, thus allowing you to use the browser faster.

Add Tab Suspending Extensions

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Remove Add-Ons And Extensions

There are several extensions available in the Chrome Web Store that you can add to your browser. Closing any unnecessary tabs is one of the best ways to prevent the browser from consuming too much memory and thus free up the memory consumption. You can either manually close the open tabs or use special extensions for the purpose.

Extensions like TooManyTabs, The Great Suspender, and OneTab are great for adding to your Chrome browser. These extensions can suspend all the open tabs in your browser and temporarily halt the tabs to free up the memory.

Disable or Remove Add-ons and Extensions

The other leading cause why your Chrome browser consumes too much memory is due to the number of add-ons and extensions installed. They can function in the background and consume a lot of memory that will cause an overall decrease in the speed and performance of the browser.

Look for the extensions and add-ons that consume the highest memory and disable or remove them from Chrome to free up the memory.


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