How to Make Changes to the Cookies in Google Chrome

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Cookies are files that are created by sites you visit on the browser. They make the browsing experience more easy by saving related information. With them, websites can keep you logged in, remember your website preferences, and provide you with locally relevant web content.

Cookies are of two types and they are:

  • First Party Cookies, created by the visited website. It is shown in your browser’s address bar.
  • Third Party Cookies, created by other websites. They have some of the web content, such as photos or advertisements, which you see on a visited webpage.

You can also choose to remove existing cookies, allow or block them, and configure preferences for select sites.

Steps to Clear Cookies

In case you delete cookies, you will be logged out of sites and saved preferences of yours could be removed.

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer.


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  • Click on the Menu icon, denoted by three vertical dots, at the upper right corner of the browser, and select Settings.

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  • In the Settings page, scroll down and click on the Advanced

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  • Under the Privacy and security, click on Content settings.

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  • Click on Cookies, select See all cookies and site data in the next page and click on the Remove all button in the one after.

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  • You have to confirm this by clicking on the Clear all button, upon prompt.

Steps to Remove Cookies

  • From a Specific Website
    • Open Google Chrome
    • Type in the address bar of the browser, and press the Enter
    • In the new page, click on the button to expand Advanced Chrome settings. You can also search for Advanced in the search field at the top of the Settings
    • Also, search for and expand Content settings.
    • Then, navigate to Cookies > See all cookies and site data.
    • Search for the name of the site in the respective field on the upper right.
    • Once it is shown, click on the Remove button to the right side.

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  • From a Time Period
    • Make a Google Chrome window active by clicking on the tab, and press CtrlShift, and Delete keys at the same time. This opens the Clear browsing data dialog box.
    • Click on the drop-down next to the Time range and select a period of time.
    • Select only the checkbox titled Cookies and other site data. Deselect all the other checkboxes in it.
    • Then, click on the Clear data button for confirmation.

Steps to Change Cookies Settings

You can also allow or block cookies that are saved by sites. Note that if you do not allow websites to save them, most sites that necessitate you to log in will not work.

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  • Steps to Allow Cookies or Block them by Default
    • Go to the Cookies page in the Google Chrome Settings, as mentioned above.
    • If you see Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended), then that means they can save them. However, if you click on the blue-colored toggle switch, the option changes to Blocked.
  • Steps to Block Cookies from Other Websites

You can also choose to block them from third-party sites that have photos or advertisements on the web page. To Block third-party cookies, click on the respective toggle switch to make it blue-colored.

Cookies and data from other websites will then be blocked, even in case it is allowed on the exceptions list.

  • Allow Cookies or Block them for a Specific Website

In case you allow them by default, they can still be blocked from a certain website.

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  • Go to the Cookies page in the Chrome browser.
  • Click on the Add buttons to the right sides of BlockClear on exit and/or Allow Choose the option according to your requirement. Then, you can see an Add a site pop-up box.
  • In it, type the web address. In that, you have a couple of options too.
    • To make an exception for a full domain, type the special characters [*.] before a domain name.
    • Besides, you can put a web address or an IP address that does not begin with http://.
    • When you are done typing, click on the Add button in the pop up box.
    • To remove an exception that you do not want anymore, to the website’s right side, click on the more icon and select Remove.

Note that in case you are using Chromebook, then you might not be able to alter this setting. For more information, get in touch with your account administrator.

  • Steps to Delete Cookies When Google Chrome Is Closed

You can let websites remember the browsing info, but also delete them automatically when you close the Chrome browser. For that, toggle on in the Cookies page Keep local data only until you quit your browser.

For any other information related to the internet surfing or for troubleshooting, you can get in touch with our browser support professionals through the toll-free number mentioned here.

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