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SSL certificates secure the communication between a web browser and a server. In case a site is secured with the certificate, then that means entered data is encrypted with cryptographic algorithms and is therefore not accessible by other people. If there is a mistake in a site, Google Chrome will show the SSL certificate error. This has two sides to it. Firstly, it affects the usual browsing experience of users. Secondly, it is a matter of concern for the people running the site in question.

It is as much a requirement for users to resolve the error as it is for website owners to install the correct SSL certificate. Usually, users get the error on the browser in many different ways. Ultimately, it all boils down to a connection error. Anyhow, you will have to bypass the error or find ways to clear it to enter the site. If Google Chrome keeps crashing into such kind of an error window while opening a website, do the following to troubleshoot the same.

How Google Chrome Users Can Resolve the SSL Certificate Error

Change the Computer Time

If the computer time does not conform to the real-time, the SSL error will pop up on the Chrome browser. To avoid that, configure the right time based on your time zone. If you are on Windows 7 PC, perform the below tasks.

  • Click on the Time and Date on the desktop taskbar, and click Change date and time settings
  • In the window that appears next, click the Change date and time settings Make the necessary changes and click on OK button twice for confirmation.

Date And Time Settings

Contact the Website if Required

If a site is running with an expired SSL certificate, Google Chrome will not consider it secure. Therefore, contact the site owner or administrator to bring it to their notice. If they renew the certificate at a later time, you will likely be able to open the site when possible. It is also worth opening the certificate-expired site later because somebody else might have notified the site owner about the same. It is best to report the matter by yourself – the more the urgency, the quicker a solution from the site’s end.

Update Google Chrome

The user may also run into the error if the browser is not up to date. Generally, it is recommended to use the latest version of your web browser to get the best performance out of it. Obviously, installing the latest update will resolve many of the Chrome browser issues.

  • Click the menu button on the upper right corner, move your cursor over to Help and choose About Google Chrome The Chrome browser will then check for available update or do the same if the latest version is found, so wait for the update to complete. Once it is done, go to the same section and click the Relaunch button. The latest version of Google Chrome will then launch again by itself.

Update Google Chrome

Now, check if you can access the error site. If you cannot, probably the error has to do with the nonexistent certificate.

What Does a Website Owner Have to Do to Fix SSL?

Google Chrome accepts the SSL certificate issued by a trusted certificate authority and a self-signed certificate with some restrictions. Since a self-signed SSL certificate is used for the purpose of security testing, it will be valid for a stipulated time span. If the site is using it after the expiry day, or if it is not issued by a trusted certificate authority, the browser displays the error.

It is best to get a domain-validated SSL certificate in case your site is small sized or medium sized. If it is a large or big-sized business’s site, then the best option is to get an organization validation SSL. Ensure a trusted certificate authority issues the same. Note that the duration of a self-signed certificate may differ depending on the certificate authority.

Familiarize with Google Chrome’s certificate policy. Also, find out which certificate is suitable for which file encryption. For that, keep a watch on the announcements of Google.

In case the SSL you bought is one for an older encryption, then it is recommended to get in touch with your certificate authority for a reissue of it and generate a certificate signing request with the Google recommended encryption. After generating it, reinstall the certificate on your web server.

In case you are creating a website for the first time and purchasing the SSL certificate for it, make it a point to generate the certificate signing request with the recommended encryption and install it on your server.

If you come across Chrome keeps crashing or any other Chrome browser issues for that matter, get in touch with our browser support professionals through the toll-free helpline for immediate help.

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