How to Tackle the 404 Page Not Found Error

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404 Page Not Found Error

There will be hardly anyone, who does not get connectivity issues when they open a web page. It is not always because of the browser you use though. There are also many other possible reasons for this, such as trouble with the site, your internet service protocol, or even your computer configuration.

The “404 Page Not Found” error is one of the connection errors that occur mainly due to the unavailability of site. Interestingly, you can fix the error separately for a user as well as for a website. Below are some methods that you can try to fix this connection error.

Check the URL

First step is to check the URL, as the reason for the “404 Page Not Found” error could be because of the wrong demand from your browser. That indicates you have typed something wrong in the URL on the address bar. So, check the spelling of the URL you entered carefully and try to load the web page once more.

Try with Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb feature is offered by almost all structured sites in order to move up and down the levels easily. So, if you have breadcrumb, go up and down the level to ensure that the related contents are still available when you encounter the “404 Page Not Found” error.

To start, use the navigation panel of the site and then go to the URL; if you are not able to find it, then go down to the subcategory level in order to find the appropriate content.

Do not Access Page from Bookmark

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The “404 Page Not Found” error is more likely to occur if you try to open the page directly from the bookmarks. This is because the site owner might have deleted the web page or would have changed the URL to the page. In such cases, try to search the page in the browser search engine and try to get the content either from the same site or from any other relevant site.

Search on Google

The “404 Page Not Found” error page usually comes with a search tab, which helps the users to search the content on the site. Try finding the relevant topics using this. If you cannot find anything, try to Google it and see whether you are able to find the significant topics.

Contact the Site Owner

If all these ideas failed, and the content you are searching for is really important to you, try to contact the owner of the website. The admin of the site might be able to retrieve the information that you need from the site easily.

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