How to Troubleshoot a Download Failed Error in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Running Out Of Memory

Download Failed Error

If an error occurs while trying to download something in Google Chrome, it may pop up as download blocked, insufficient permission, network failed, and so forth. This is one of the common Chrome browser issues; however, users can easily fix the problem by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Open Chrome Incognito and Disable Extensions if Needed

It is suggested to have reliable wireless or wired connection to fix Google chrome running out of memory errors. Oftentimes, internet connections that take time to load web pages may cause download errors as well. If your internet connection is reliable, and the error popped up despite that, open the Chrome tab in Incognito mode by pressing and holding down Ctrl, Shift and N keys on an active Chrome window. See if that allows you to download a file over the web.

In case you can download files in Incognito mode, the third-party browser extensions installed in Chrome may be to blame for failures in download. Follow the below steps to disable plugins and see if that helps.

  • Type chrome://extensions/ on the address bar and press the Enter
  • Deselect all the extensions one-by-one to check which of the add-ons is causing the error.

Disable Extensions

Change Internet Security Settings

Sometimes, an antivirus software installed in the computer or firewall can also interrupt downloads on Google Chrome. This can happen especially if the software detects a virus in a download and finds it as a potentially unwanted program for the PC. In such cases, disabling the antivirus or firewall until you finish a download can help.

Follow the below steps for an advanced troubleshooting step for virus scan detected while downloading a file from the internet.

  • Press and hold down to Windows and key to open Run.
  • Type in inetcpl.cpl in the command box, and click OK to open Internet Properties.

Internet Security Settings

  • In the next window, navigate to the Security tab and click Internet It should be set as default, but double-check if it is so.

Internet Properties

  • Click on Custom Level to open the Security Settings – Internet Zone
  • Search for and open Downloads.
  • Ensure File Download option is enabled. If not, put a tick mark next to it.

Internet Zone

  • Under the Miscellaneous section, find Launching apps and unsafe files and configure it to Prompt.

Launching Apps and Unsafe Files

This should fix the download failed error in Chrome. In case you encounter the error message even after following the troubleshooting steps, or are facing Google chrome running out of memory issues, get in touch with online browser support professionals for advanced assistance.

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