How to Troubleshoot Autofill Not Working in Google Chrome

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Autofill not working is one of the recent issues to have surfaced in Google Chrome installed in different types of operating systems including certain Mac OS versions and Windows PCs. The intuitive feature in Chrome browser helps to fill out web forms without users having to type all the details in full. Follow any of the below workarounds to troubleshoot the autofill feature in Chrome. With the feature working properly, you can fill out web forms in the browser much speedily and give a little rest to your fingers.

Sign Out and Sign in to Google Account

In case the Google server is not linked with your Google ID, the feature may stop working. In order to try and fix it, log out of the Google account temporarily, close the browser, and restart the device you use to surf the web. After that, sign back into the account and see to it if you can fill in username and password.

Reset Chrome Settings to Default

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Reset Chrome Settings

If the aforementioned workaround does not fix autofill not working, users of Windows or Mac PC should reset the default settings of Google Chrome. For that, navigate to Settings Advanced and click on Reset. A dialog box would reveal in the respective system, prompting if you want to change the Chrome settings back to default; confirm Reset upon prompt. Note that resetting the browser will not clear saved passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history.

Clear Browsing Data

If you perform a reset the browser, it will clear cookies and disable add-ons, but if a Chrome reset does not fix the autofill problem, it is worth clearing the browsing data. For that, users of Windows and Mac PC only have to press ShiftCtrl, and Delete keys simultaneously on an active tab, and confirm and click Clear Data upon prompt.

Remove an Extension

In case autofill stops working after installing an add-on in Chrome, the new extension may be to blame. Hence, you should remove the faulty add-on from the browser as soon as the problem comes to your notice. However, in case you are unsure as to which add-on may have caused the autofill not working error, navigate to Settings > More Tools > Task Manager, and end all the extensions. After that, enable them one by one to figure out what caused the Google Chrome issue.

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