How to Troubleshoot Errors Related to HTML5 Content on YouTube

HTML5 Browser Support

Troubleshoot HTML5 Errors

As of now, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two of the top web browsers that support HTML5. If a browsing window hangs while watching a YouTube video, it is worth checking if it has HTML5 browser support or not. In fact, most of the videos in the streaming platform use HTML5 only in browsers that support the same. There are several other HTML5 errors, which users may run into, for which troubleshooting steps are listed below. Even with HTML browser support, some configuration issues or extensions may cause errors while watching YouTube HTML5 video content.

YouTube HTML5 Sound Not Working

This can occur while accessing YouTube videos on Google Chrome, especially if its sound setting is configured as 5.1. To change that, follow the below steps on the browser.

  • Open Chrome, click on the menu button to the upper-right corner, and choose Settings.

Chrome Settings

  • Explore the Advanced settings by scrolling down to and clicking on it, and open Content Settings under Privacy and Security

Advanced Chrome Settings

  • Under Content Settings, click on Microphone and change the audio channel to Stereo instead of a 5.1 headset plugged in.

Content Settings

  • Open the same YouTube video or Chrome tab to see if that resumes playback.

YouTube HTML5 Video Unavailable

This issue may occur if you are using Google Chrome, not that it is specifically for that browser only. Regardless, allowing permission for Chrome to use Adobe Flash plug-in can fix it as and when the error pops up on YouTube window. For instance, a notification denoting that often pops up on top of Chrome tab – you can click on it to allow Flash content to load. Else, you can also use the below steps to countermeasure it:

  • Click on the three-dot menu button to the top-right corner of Chrome and choose Settings from the context menu that pops up.
  • From the list of Chrome Settings, scroll down to and explore Advanced settings, and choose Content Settings as mentioned above.

Flash Settings

  • Under Content Settings, click on Flash, ensure Ask First (Recommended) is toggled on, and ADD the URL of YouTube to ensure Flash content loads up.


Site Submission

In earlier versions of Google Chrome, this option to Allow Sites to Run Flash would be listed above the Ask First toggle. Select both settings to ensure the same and you are good to YouTube videos. If you encounter any video playing errors on any website going forward, contact HTML5 browser support personnel to diagnose and fix the same adeptly.

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