How to Troubleshoot or Work around No Sound on Google Chrome

Google Chrome Not RespondingGoogle Chrome Not Responding

Chrome Browser Issues

There can be many causes to no sound error on Google Chrome, including improper configurations and faulty drivers. Having no sound can take away the fun of playing videos on the web. Since its causes are varied, you might have to try out any of the below troubleshooting steps to fix or work around the issue.

Basic Steps to Troubleshoot No Sound on Chrome

  • Refresh the tabs and try playing the video to see if that fixes the no sound. Also, try exiting all Chrome tabs and reopening it.
  • Reboot the computer, and see if the error persists.
  • Make sure the installed browser is up-to-date.

These are three of the basic things to do to fix some of the common browser problems, including Google Chrome not responding errors and no sound issues. Apart from that, ensure you have updated sound drivers installed on the PC to eliminate that cause of the error. Also, check the same audio-contained web page on a different browser to identify if it is a Chrome-only issue.

Check Chrome Sound in Volume Mixer

Even if the sound is not muted in the computer, it is still likely Chrome volume is. To check that, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Volume icon on the taskbar, and on the Mixer link to access Volume Mixer.

Volume Mixer

  • Check to see if Chrome’s audio is muted. In case you do not see Chrome listed in Volume Mixer, run the problem sound file over the web to make it appear there. If it does not, right-click on the Volume icon, and choose Playback Devices from the pop-up menu.

Volume Mixer Properties

  • Now right-click on the Speakers button with a green tick and choose Properties.

System Speaker Properties

  • Under Speakers Properties, choose the Advanced tab, and put a tick mark next to the first checkbox below Exclusive Mode. This allows apps to take exclusive control of an audio endpoint device.

Advanced Speaker Properties

  • Once you apply this setting, the Volume bar of Chrome should pop up in Volume Mixer.

Properly Configure the Speakers

If the speaker set-up does not match the default configuration on Windows, then related Chrome browser issues may occur. Here is what you have to do to configure the setting correctly.

  • Right-click on the Volume icon and choose Playback Devices.
  • Then, right-click on the default Speakers button as said, and choose Configure Speakers from the context menu.

Speaker Configuration

  • In the Speaker Setup dialog box that appears next, go to Audio Channels, choose the speaker connected to the computer, and click on Next button to complete the setup as per instructions.

Use Chrome Canary

You can use Chrome Canary if the present version of the browser has issues, including no sound. To download and install this experimental version of Chrome, with bug fixes and latest features, you will have to uninstall the browser from the computer. Note that uninstalling and reinstalling or even updating the browser can fix Google Chrome not responding errors as well, which pops up frequently on the browser. On the other hand, if the sound is not working on Chrome Canary as well, then the standard browser is to blame. However, if sound works on the Alpha version of Chrome, then stick with it until Google releases its main version with issues resolved.

Clear Cookies and Caches

Sometimes, clearing cookies and caches can resolve Google Chrome no sound problem, especially if it occurs only on particular websites.

  • To access Clear Browsing Data, press and hold down Control, Shift and Delete keys simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Once Clear Browsing Data popup appears, ensure that the third and fourth checkboxes are selected under the dialog box, and click on Clear Data.

Clear Browsing Data

Disable Browser Extensions

To identify if a plugin installed on Chrome is causing the no sound error, open the browser on Incognito Mode by pressing Control, Shift, and keys at the same time. Then, open an audio file on Chrome’s private browsing mode to see if the sound is playing. If it is, then an extension might be causing the problem. Here is how to access extensions installed on Chrome.

  • Type chrome://extensions in the address bar of an active tab and press Enter key to navigate to the page containing a list of plugins. To disable extensions on Chrome browser, you only need to click on the toggle switch next to each one.

Disable Chrome Extensions

  • After disabling all extensions, enable one-by-one to figure out which one is causing the issue and disable it.

See if disabling and enabling any extension is not causing Google Chrome not responding error; if so, you might need to remove such extensions from the browser. For that, press Shift and Esc keys on an active tab on the browser, choose suspicious extensions listed there and click on End Process.

Reinstall Google Chrome and Do Not Sign in

If you sign into the user profile, it will activate the Chrome sync feature. So, uninstall and reinstall the browser. When prompted to sign in to Gmail, skip that step, and see to it if no sound is resolved. If you can access audio on Chrome, then sign in to the user profile and things such as bookmarks, browsing history, and passwords will be synchronized. In case no sound occurs subsequently, then you will have to Reset Chrome.

Reset Google Chrome

Since this can switch the browser to a default state, it can even fix Google Chrome not responding error as well as other common browser problems.

  • Type chrome://settings on the address bar and press Enter
  • Under Chrome settings page, click Advanced drop-down button. Then, scroll down and click on Reset settings Confirm that by clicking on the same button upon prompt.

Reset Google Chrome


If you are still experiencing no sound issues in Chrome or ran into any other browser issues, better our tech support team for help. Remember, tweaking the settings you are not familiar with can lead to potential data loss.

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