How to Troubleshoot Safari Browser Crashes on Mac

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Safari Browser Crashes

It can be tough to understand exactly why Safari browser crashes or freezes on a Mac, but there are some reasons it may happen such as:

  • User surfing the web on Safari opens plenty of tabs or web pages;
  • Mac is running an older Safari version;
  • An outdated plug-in or browser add-on creating problems;
  • The browser runs with cache full of cookies, browsing history, and downloads; or
  • Mac PC running slow due to several open apps running at the same time as Safari.

Depending on the cause, which you feel is the one applicable to the Mac you use to surf the web, follow the troubleshooting steps below to fix the browser’s freezing or crashing problem.

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    Give the spinning pinwheel to load up fully on Safari. Sometimes, it may take up to 60 seconds or so to go away. Close the apps running in the background to assist web page loading speed. Skip to the subsequent step if the wait prolongs.

  • Close all tabs on Safari. This may help if a webpage contain flash heavy pop-up advertisements or videos that consume memory of Mac PC or contribute to browser cache.
  • Force quit the Safari browser. For that, press on the Control key, click its icon in the dock and then select Quit or even Force Quit, whichever is applicable to the respective version.
  • If the Mac PC is running low, restart the system and try browsing again on Safari.
  • To know its version, navigate to the menu bar and click Safari About Safari. If the browser is an old one, update it to a latest version.
  • Navigate to History menu and select Clear History and Website Data. You can then clear cache or browsing history by selecting All History in the next pop-up box. This might clear the loaded browsing information if you have not cleared cache in the recent past, and will help to avoid freezes or crashes when browsing on Safari in future.
  • Clear the browser add-ons by navigating to Safari > Preferences. Under the Extensions tab, you will see a list of third-party add-ons installed in the browser. Deselect Enable Save to Pocket next to the add-on that you do not use. If that does fix the crash, Uninstall the add-ons one by one to see if that works.

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