Most Frustrating Irritations Caused by Google Chrome

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Common Chrome Issues

The fact that chrome is one of the most preferred browsers in the world doesn’t make it perfect for use. Even though it received around fifty updates over the last years, the browser still faces certain rough edges making its use a less optimal online experience. Here are some of the ways to make Chrome less annoying.

Stop Accidental Closures

One of the major problem a chrome user face is the absence of protection chrome offers against closing all the tabs together accidentally without any warnings that ask if you are accidentally exiting the browser.

Chrome should offer the users a narrative prompt in situations you are about to close multiple tabs all of a sudden.

Block Annoying Data Requests

It is an annoying thing when chrome asks permission back to back before it allows certain websites to access the various locations on your phone. As you continue browsing, you will have to constantly keep telling Chrome to stop bugging you with these prompts by declining the request every time.

Update the Extensions

Google fails to include ways to update the already installed extensions which are a dumb thing when you are trying to get the latest version of an extension for plugging a very dangerous security hole.

Stop Auto-play of Videos

Chrome still doesn’t have an option to disable the auto-play of videos by default. This can be very annoying at times while you are browsing multiple things on the web.

Clean up the Mess

Google Chrome Not Responding

Troubleshooting Tips

If you tinker deeply for a long time in chrome, it will start to slow down or bug out regardless of how much troubleshooting you might have been attempting. But this is not a problem that doesn’t happen often.

The Problem with Guest Browsing

One of the greatest strengths of chrome is the way it tightly ties into your Google account and the Google ecosystem. It can also turn out to be the greatest weakness if your computer is used by multiple people. For example, you don’t want your brother to send an e-mail accidentally from your Gmail when he is over there for the game.

Kill the Tabs that Kill Your PC

Every time a website goes haywire, chrome keeps crashing. It also slows your computer down to crawl even if you are using a much powerful computer. You will have to kill the particular tab in situations like these without nuking the entire browser.


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