How To Reduce Data Usage While Browsing

Browsing Issues

Browsing Issues

Most of the desktop versions of the websites that we use are designed for a broadband connection. This makes it more complex and will use a large volume of our data pack for browsing. It is not a problem if we are accessing the internet with a broadband connection. However, it is a headache for those people who are using the data pack from a mobile device. The following are some of the tips that you can use to resolve these browsing issues.

Enable Click To Play Option

Most of the desktop versions of the websites are having flash contents like advertisements and videos. Even if it is only taking small space, it will use a large volume of data for the playback. When accessing a website, we might have noticed that this content will automatically get played and it will keep on playing in the background even if we are working on another tab. To reduce the data usage, you can choose not to play these contents automatically. This can be easily done by enabling click to play plugins in your browser.

Disable Images

Even if it is not a large file, the images that we see on the websites can take a huge amount of your mobile data. If you are experiencing a slow connection, you might have noticed that the images will take a longer time to get visible. This is because it needs to get downloaded virtually before showing it to the front end of the websites. While using a limited data pack, you can save it by disabling the option for image auto-downloading. However, this option will not work on some websites.

Disable Auto Updates

Chrome Browser Issues

Chrome Browser Issues

Even after disabling the auto-downloading of images and playback of videos, we might experience a tremendous usage of our data. This can be because of the auto updating of the system files including the browser. In most of the browsers, the auto update setting will be enabled to provide a better experience to the user. But this can result in a large usage of mobile data. Therefore, if you are not using a broadband connection to access the internet, it would be better to disable the auto update feature of your browser.

The above mentioned are some tips that can be used to reduce data usage while browsing. If you are experiencing no change in the data usage even after implementing all these methods, it would be better to shift to another web browser.

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