Resolving New Spam Tabs in Chrome

Pop Ups Chrome

Spam Tabs In Chrome

Of the pop ups Chrome occasionally serves up from nowhere, the ones with spam sites loaded on them have to be the most annoying. Many users face the problem where a click placed anywhere on the page prompts the opening of a new tab which loads a spam page. Maybe it is an ad, which you have to close, so you do that. However, this holds the problem back for barely a minute, after which it is back again to get in the way of work or entertainment.

The good news is that this issue can be resolved, at least on Windows 10. You can either use the inbuilt OS functions for this or install any third party tools. Following is how to remove the pop ups Chrome loads without warning.

  • Check the extensions: First things first, check all the extensions that you recently installed in Chrome. For this, hit the three-dot button at the top right, choose More Tools, and then Extensions. From the list, disable all the extensions and restart the browser. See if the problem persists, and if not, singly enable the extensions until it comes back. The last one you enabled is the culprit, so get rid of it.

Google Chrome Extensions

  • Check the software: Newly installed programs may have fundamentally changed some of the settings in Chrome, maybe because you were not paying attention to the wizard prompts while installing. Uninstall the most recent ones and check if the issue is still there. Install them again, and see if it reappears. Again, the last one is the culprit.
  • Check cookies: Every browser has cookies enabled by default. These may have harmful scripts, which are causing new tabs to open without apparent reason. Go to Settings and choose Advanced, and then select Clear Browsing Data. Alternatively, press the Ctrl Shift Del key combination to bring up this option. You will see various options; from these, choose Cookies and Other Site Data, and then hit Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Browsing Data

  • Use third party tools: This option is always risky, but often effective. The wise thing to do is get a certified support technician on board before you begin, which minimizes chances of bungling this irrecoverably. Use external software and clear out any malware that may be causing the issue. Some of these work quite nicely, while others can add to the headache you are already trying to fix

The above methods let you successfully remove the pop ups Chrome loads without warning. For help with this or any other tech issue, call 844-202-3034, and one of our experts will lend a hand.

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