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Google Chrome is a web browser used by many computer users. It was developed by Google and the first version of the browser was released in 2008. The browser was first available for Windows operating system only, buy gradually ported to macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Today, Google Chrome has become the browser of choice for millions of users worldwide.

There is no denying the fact that Google Chrome offers a superior web browsing experience. However, it is not devoid of errors and issues either. One such common problem that annoys Chrome users is the Error 0x00005. Worry not, below is how to fix the error and get your Google Chrome browser up and running again.

Common Instances

  • “Error 0x00005” is displayed while using the computer and the active program window is crashed.
  • The computer crashes frequently displaying “Error 0x00005” while running a particular program.
  • “Google Chrome Error 0X00005” is displayed on the screen.
  • The computer acts sluggishly; the response to mouse and keyboard inputs is very slow.
  • The computer periodically freezes for a few seconds.

The above listed symptoms of Error 0x00005 can appear particularly while running a software program related to Google, during installation of a program, during Windows shutdown or startup, or even when you are trying to install the Windows operating system. So before trying any troubleshooting steps, it is really important to keep track of when and where the error occurred.

Fixing Google Chrome Error 0x00005

Error 0x00005 is a runtime error and can be caused by many factors. Therefore, it is important for you to troubleshoot all the possible causes of the error to prevent it from happening again. The common causes include:

  • Incomplete installation or corrupt download of the Google Chrome web browser
  • Windows Registry corruption from a software change related to Google Chrome. It can be just uninstall or a reinstall of the program.
  • Malware or virus infection corrupting the Google Chrome related files or Windows system files.
  • Some other program mistakenly or maliciously deleting files related to Google Chrome.

Repair Registry Entries

Repairing and editing the Windows Registry on your own to get rid of invalid Error 0x00005 keys is not recommended until and unless you are a computer tech support professional. This is because wrongly editing the registry of the computer can stop it from functioning properly and can cause irreversible damage to the Windows operating system. Instead, it is recommended to make use of a trusted registry cleaner program to scan and repair any registry errors related to Error 0x00005.

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Troubleshooting Tips

Registry cleaner programs can find missing file references, invalid registry entries, and presence of broken links inside the Windows Registry. These programs will create a backup before starting the scan and will provide you the ability to undo the changes made by the program. This will help you avoid any possibilities of damage to the computer. The bonus part here is that these registry cleaner programs can also help improve the speed and performance of the computer after the scan and repair.

Update the Drivers

Error 0x00005 can be caused by outdated or corrupt device drivers as well. Drivers can get corrupted due to many reasons and the best thing that you can do to fix device driver corruption is to update the driver. It will be very difficult for you to find the exact driver for the hardware device that is leading to the Error 0x00005. Even if you are very much experienced in locating, downloading and updating the device drivers manually can be very frustrating and time consuming. Another issue is that installing the wrong driver or an incompatible version can worsen the problem.

It will be wiser idea to make use of an automatic driver updater program to download and install the necessary updates. This can also help you save time and avoid unwanted complexities that are involved in manually updating the drivers. The automatic driver updater tools can automatically download and install the necessary device drivers. These programs create a backup of the current version of the device drivers before installing the latest ones. This means that you can rollback any driver to an older version when needed.

Clean Out System Junk

Your computer will accumulate junk files over time from daily usage and normal web surfing. If these junk files are not cleaned out occasionally, it can make the computer and Google Chrome browser to respond sluggishly, or even lead to Error 0x00005. This can be due to file conflicts or low hard disk space. This is the reason why it is important to clean up the temporary files with the help of disk cleaner programs. This will not only solve the Error 0x00005, but also improve the performance and speed of the computer dramatically.

Windows has a built in disk cleanup program, the cleanmgr tool, but it will be a better idea to make use of a specialized hard drive cleanup program to scan and clean your computer. Running the program once a day will help you ensure that your PC is always clean and fast.

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