How to Troubleshoot the Flash Player Not Working on Chrome Error

Flash Player Not Working On Chrome

Flash Player Not Working

One of the common Google Chrome browser issues is Adobe Flash Player not working. It is something that can happen in Windows or Mac PC, but there are many simple workarounds to troubleshoot the issue, such as the ones mentioned below.

Install Latest Browser Updates

A new version of Chrome may have bug fixes if Google developers integrate that in the browser as per reports from users concerning Flash Player issues. To update Google Chrome to a new version, click the three-line menu to the upper right and navigate to Help > About Google Chrome and wait while it Checking for Updates. Wait until Google Chrome completes checking the same, and then install the new version, if it finds any.

Enable Flash Option in Settings

Click the Settings button in Chrome and go to the Advanced tab in the next window. Then, look for Content Settings under the said tab. After that, click Flash and ensure that you have selected the Ask First (Recommended) option. Also, see to it if any website is listed under Blocked, and unblock them if you find any.

Disable a Chrome Flag

Chrome Browser Issues

Install Latest Browser Updates

Key in chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash verbatim on the address bar of the browser and press Enter. In case your Google Chrome browser is outdated, you will land up on a page titled Experiments and can find Prefer HTML Over Flash. If you find that option in Chrome Flags, disable it to see if that fixes the Adobe Flash Player not working on Chrome error due to its unresponsiveness.

Clear Browser Cache

This particular workaround for the Flash Player not working on Chrome browser issue only takes away a few seconds of your session of surfing the web. Navigate to Settings More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data. You can then choose the beginning of time and choose only cached images and files to clear only that and see if it works.

If not, it is high time to uninstall the Flash Player from the computer, be it that of Windows or Mac PC, and reinstall its latest version from the official website. There can be a bug in the software sometimes, so reinstalling it might fix the issues.

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