Troubleshooting Google Chrome Crashes

Google ChromChrome Keeps Crashinge Running Out Of Memory

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Wondering why your chrome keeps crashing? You need not take it seriously if it happens once in a while. However, if it happens frequently, there might be a problem with your computer. In this article, we will be discussing how to solve a common chrome browser issue- crashing.

How To Track your Crashes?

If you have lost track of how many times your chrome has crashed, enter chrome://crashes in your tab and press Enter. The page will show you the time and number of your chrome crashes.

How To Stop Google Chrome From Crashing?

There are many ways to stop your Chrome browser from crashing. Some of them are discussed below.

Google Software Removal Tool

Google has launched a software to remove the excessive, unwanted data in your Chrome. This cleanup drive will help your Chrome to function quickly and subsequently, lessen the frequency of crashes.

Watch Out For Conflicting Software

Some software can cause your Google Chrome to crash or may interfere with its performance. Some of them include malware and network-related software.

Google Chrome has a secret page that will track down the application in your system that is hindering its functioning. The page – chrome://conflicts contains the needed details.

You will also find the same information on Google’s official site where a list of software that makes Google crash is recorded. This page also has steps you need to follow to solve the conflict between the software and Chrome browser.

Another method to achieve good Chrome performance is by uninstalling, disabling, or updating the conflicting software to the latest version.

Run A Scan For Malware

Malware causing Chrome crashes are not unheard of. However, if your crashes are frequent, you should run anti-virus software like Kaspersky or Microsoft Essential Security. If you already have anti-virus software installed, confirm there is no malware using another antivirus software.

Flash Caused Crashes

If the crashes started happening after you installed the flash plugin in your Chrome, you can try disabling the internal flash plugin and use the standard flash plugin available in Chrome.

Start A New Profile

Chrome Browser Issue

Chrome Browser Issue

Sometimes, crashes in Chrome are caused by corrupted profiles. You can confirm this by creating another chrome profile. To create a new profile, go to the Setting in the right-hand corner of Chrome and click Add new user which will be found under User. After you change your profile, check whether your chrome still crashes. Do not sync the data from your already existing Google account even if you have two accounts.

Google Chrome crashing is not uncommon and you do not have to panic. Try the above methods with patience.

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