Why Is Google Chrome Running Out Of Memory?

Google Chrome Running Out Of MemoryGoogle Chrome Running Out Of Memory

Google Chrome Running Out Of Memory

Google chrome is the most popular browser used by the majority of desktop users, but like all other browsers, it can be quite demanding on memory. Just looking at the Windows Task Manager is only required to make you realize this, it will be on the top of the list of Activity Monitor. One of the common chrome browser issues is “Aw, Snap! Google Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display this webpage.”So, the doubt that many users have is, does google chrome really hog on memory or RAM?

The answer to the above question was yes a couple of years back and that was the price you had to pay for google chrome’s enjoyable and simple user experience. But, now that is not true as other browsers often have comparable or even more RAM usage. It is one of the fastest browsers and this comes at the cost of increased memory usage.

Why Does Google Chrome Hogs On RAM?

A better understanding of how modern web browsers function will help you know why google chrome uses a lot of memory. All browsers store plugins, tabs, and extensions in different RAM processes and this is called isolation, it is useful as it prevents one process writing into another. So these are treated as separate entries in the task manager and when you add them up, it becomes a significant load on the memory. This is the basic reason for google chrome running out of memory, it depends very much on memory management and available memory.

How Is RAM Usage Managed By Google Chrome?

As stated earlier, chrome runs each process separately to keep the browser stable even if one of the processes crashes. The advantage of this over a single-process browser is that there is better security similar to sandboxing or virtual machines. Besides, chrome does prerendering, i.e. it begins loading a webpage that it predicts you will go next; for example, it can be the top search result. These features are resource intensive but also the reason for its famed browsing experience.

How To Reduce RAM Usage Of Google Chrome?

Chrome Browser Issues

Chrome Browser Issues

You can use the chrome task manager to improve browsing speed and reduce memory usage by google chrome. It shows the performance and resource requirement of each tab and extension of the browser, so you can use it to stop those that are resource-intensive to free up space. For example, google chrome keeps freezing if there is any chrome memory leak, also a tab can use a lot of memory because of a bug or bad configuration.

We hope that the details shared above have clarified your doubts about chrome browser issues due to excessive memory usage.

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