Acrylic 3d printer for home and hobby: a selection of current models

Did you know that you can get an excellent acrylic 3d printer model for $ 100 for beginners? For a modest cost of $ 150-200, you can quickly get a reliable and popular printer that will last a long time. For 300-400, you can purchase a model with a large working area, which can be the start of your own business or help in a hobby.

I offer a selection of current acrylic 3d printers for printing with a plastic bar using FDM technology, which will be helpful both at home or in the office. I will serve as a hobby and for your own business. Suitable for printing are filament with a diameter of 1.75 mm, such as PLA / PETG / ABS and a bar with filling (WOOD / Carbon, etc.).

Acrylic 3d printer

Acrylic 3d printer for home and office 

I’ll start with a simple and affordable model suitable for novice users and those who have not yet decided or hesitated. A good and inexpensive model of the LONGER Cube2 3D printer costs only $ 96. Available in the USA, delivered at a stroke. Unlike large-sized models, this printer has undeniable advantages: it takes up little space on the table, has no parts or wires sticking out.

The movable table and head are closed in the body. For the Acrylic 3d printer, you can try printing PETG on tape. Of the features, I will single out the touch screen and printing from a drive, which significantly increases the comfort of use, especially for beginners,

Pre-assembled acrylic 3d printer for beginners

If the compact Cube2 does not suit you, but you do not want to bother much and for a long time with the assembly, then turn your attention to the pre-assembled printers on the profile. Excellent models from LONGER, CREALITY, and Artillery have high rigidity, decent print quality, user-friendly control interface. These printers come with an assembled base and a separate vertical frame.

To start the acrylic 3d printer, it is enough to install the frame, fix it, connect the signed connectors to the electronic blocks. This assembly takes only 15-20 minutes, and the printer is ready to go. This is an excellent option for both studies and hobbies for its cost (about 12-13 thousand rubles). Printers are available in a warehouse in the USA.

Acrylic 3d printer with a large print area

Quite often, they ask for “bigger” 3D printers – with a large print format. Of the available and inexpensive models, these will be printers with a table of 300 x 400 mm, and a print height of up to 300 mm. Of the attractive models I can recommend the inexpensive LONGER LK1, the advanced LONGER LK5 Pro, as well as the popular Artillery Sidewinder X1.

Acrylic 3d printers are equipped with a touch screen, remember the place of stopping in case of an emergency interruption of printing, and a table calibration system is provided in the menu.

Acrylic 3d printer

Acrylic 3d printer-cubes

I often hear positive reviews about CoreXY and H-Bot printers. Basically, this concerns the high rigidity and strength of the “cube” type body structure and the table movement along the Z-axis. From the popular 3D printer models that are heard, I will single out the 5th generation Flyingbear Ghost.

This is a modified printer from the profile. The head moves in XY, which allows you to quickly and efficiently print complex models. Another popular option is offered by ANYCUBIC, specifically the 4Max Pro model. Of the features of the latter, I will single out a closed case, which will be highly convenient for office use.

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